Milestones and Munchkins

My brother Emmet (Cous kid #9) graduated from WCC with his Associates degree / high school finished / photography certificate. Boy am I proud!! Sadly he had limited tickets, so I wasn’t there to see the crazy socks, the lack of pants under graduation gown, and whatever else he happened. That boy likes to make a splash.

My youngest brother was confirmed last week. I’m so proud of him! And shocked that he’s grown up and being confirmed!! Where does time go?? Just a few weeks ago he was calling me to chat for hours while he sat on a stool in the kitchen (he was seriously the cutest toddler ever) and now he’s an adult in the Catholic Church! What a man!

My niece Ellie turned three and we had a party to celebrate her birthday and Owen’s confirmation.

Allan is standing up on his own better these days and learning to ride his big tricycle. As usual, he blends in with the Cous crowd at parties and keeps us all entertained.

Have I mentioned that there are a lot of wonderful and super cute kids in my life? and more on the way? Well… here’s a few smiles for the day…
Maria loves the “park at Aunt Reenie’s house”

I am blessed!!

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