Garden Day

Fiona and I got up at the buttcrack of Saturday morning to head to downtown Detroit to the Eastern Market. I’ve heard about it and wanted to go for years, but never did. This year, since I didn’t start seedlings myself, I decided it was a good excuse to head down there and check it out. We got there at 7.30 and found good parking. The place was already busy, but by the time we filled the car with plants and left 2 hours later, it was insanity. So many people you could hardly move. But it was a blast. Lots of farmers selling their plants, produce, honey, you name it. Good prices. Gorgeous flowers everywhere. Lots of people watching. Good times to be sure. Fiona is in a photo class, so she had my camera for most of the trip and took numerous gorgeous pics… I’ll share a few that she and I took… so you get a taste of the adventure.

We got home in time to see Brendan finish delivering 2 cu. yds of beautiful compost. I’m so thankful!! So we spread a bunch of that into the garden. Then planted all the tomoatoes and peppers… though I still need to plant some stuff from seed. That’s on my very long list for Monday that I won’t finish.

2 thoughts on “Garden Day

  1. Ooooh! Compost! So jealous! I haven’t planted anything, so I’m hoping that this weekend will provide an opportunity for some nitty gritty yardwork. I’m inspired, and also jealous of your trip to the market 🙂

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