Adventures in Dizzy Painting, Take 3

Saturday morning, once again, I was sure the drugs would kick in and I’d be fine. After a dizzy start, I managed to move the mattresses and bed, spackle all the holes, tape the trim, and cover the floor. All without being too dizzy! Maybe the drugs have kicked in!! As soon as the paint prep was done, my friend from MN arrived for a visit.

She drove through the night, so while she took a nap, I primed the walls.
Then I made lunch and we visited for awhile. While she showered and got ready for her next event, I got the first coat of blue paint on the walls. Yay!!

At the end of that coat, I started getting really dizzy again and needed a break. So as it turns out, this has been a good way of doing this project under the circumstances. Visiting, painting, visiting, painting… so in the end I got some painting done, some visiting in, and haven’t fallen over yet.

Tonight I’m hoping to get the final coat of blue on, do some touch up, and then maybe even get a coat of paint on the shelves.

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