Adventures in Dizzy Painting, Take 2

My Apologies

I like to blog through projects because I can almost pretend I’m on one of those home makeover shows… almost… because no big sponsor came through to pay for the materials… there is no secret crew that comes in and does all the work… there is no hot carpenter on the job who can and does build anything you need… and it’s always far from perfect at the end. Nonetheless, it is kind of fun to blog projects – so I apologize if I’m boring you with them 🙂
It also seems sillier than usual since some of my readers have recently purchased new houses and are in the midst of much bigger projects on said houses, so my bedroom painting marathon is nothing… but here it is anyway. And by the way, I’m still waiting for pictures of the progress on YOUR projects… (you know who you are).

The Rationale
I am planning to move into the small room (formerly Patty’s, Lisa’s, Kara’s, Donal’s room – all at different times). It’s definitely small, but I don’t really spend any time in my room except to sleep, so I’m happy having a smaller room (or theoretically I am, we’ll see once I try it). Lisa did a beautiful painting job in there when it was her room, nice dry brush decorative painting on the bottom. But it’s tan, varying shades of tan. And I’m not a girl who can have a tan room. I need color. Besides it’s got a lot of dings and nail holes from the subsequent inhabitabts, and it’s time to repaint.

The Color Scheme
Choosing a color is always hard. Part of me wanted to branch out, but my quilt (that I spent a lot of time on) is blue and yellow, and I still want to use my quilt, even if it isn’t quite done (though I’ve been using it for over 4 years now). Admittedly, blue and yellow are my favorite colors – my kitchen is yellow, I have a perwinkle blue dining room, and a mural of the ocean (in blue) in the basement family room… yeah, I’m pretty predictable. My current room is yellow on top and dark blue sponge painting under the chair rail. I almost bought yellow paint for the new room, but made a last minute decision to branch out and picked “rain water blue”. (I know, it’s not that much of a stetch, but it’s at least a little different).

So the walls are now rain water blue, which is really pale blue. Maybe too pale, though in a tiny room I didn’t want anything too bright. The dresser and the shelves will be chocolate brown, with silver handles on the dresser. I think I’m going to like it a lot and am already thinking about curtain fabric… so many possibilities.


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