Adventures in Dizzy Painting, Take 1

Hello Readers,

As usual, I have ambitious plans for my weekend. Sadly, some of these ambitious plans are already being crossed off the list because of this nifty little thing I seem to have acquired called “vertigo”… yeah. Tuesday morning I woke up, got out of bed to turn off the alarm, and had to grab the bed to keep from falling over… I naturally tried to pass it off as dehydration (not likely), uh… allergies? also not likely, just a random dizzy spell? I can’t really complain because I’ve been able to mostly function normally. While sitting it’s fine, so driving isn’t a problem. The only real problem comes from looking down or looking up, or standing up quickly. All of which cause the room to spin, momentary seasickness, and some exhaustion.

Today I broke down and went to the doctor, who says I have mild positional vertigo (it’s related to what position I am in or something like that). She gave me a prescription for an anti-dizzy medication to take and some exercises to do to help dislodge the crystal in my inner ear probably causing this. She also instructed me to avoid high ladders and dangerous projects. Okay. Back at work I took said medication, but I couldn’t really tell the difference. Still kind of dizzy, but functional.

Ever the optimist, I headed for Home Depot as soon as I was off work. I bought the supplies, picked up a stack of my painting equipment from my brother’s house and headed home to my dogs.

The Original Plan

Small Bedroom:
– move everything out of the room- guest bed, bedding, etc
– remove closet doors
– remove shelves (for painting)
– spackle and prime walls
– paint walls
– paint shelves and dresser

Large Bedroom:
– Replace ceiling fan
– remove all nails
– spackle walls

The Modified Plan is still too optimistic, but at least I am admitting that changing a ceiling fan when a person can’t really look up isn’t going to happen. I’d still like to do those other things, but realistically am not sure how much I’m going to get done.

Only after arriving home, Friday evening, did I notice this little bit of information… which is terribly ironic seeing as the doc prescribed this to combat dizzyness.

Regardless, I took another dose, made coffee, drugged the Suze, and was ready for action…

Randomly, this is how Suzie takes her benedryl: stale cracker, peanut butter, pills.

After moving all the bedding to the basement, throwing in a load of sheets, removing dead bouquet from visiting bridesmaid (found under one of the beds), taking down the shelves, and removing the nails from the wall, I had to lay down I was so dizzy.

Scrap Friday night. Instead my friend came over and we watched a movie and hung out for the rest of the dizzy evening.

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