A few Neverland tidbits to share…
___________Tidbit 1___________________

As you might expect, learning a new job (all things electrical safety) you might encounter some new terms. Being a person with a quirky sense of humor, sometimes these words provide endless entertainment inside my quirky brain… Here’s one of my favorites:
–The dictionary says: “(electricity) The conduction of electricity across the surface of a dielectric” which is what they mean when they use it at work.
–What goes through my quirky brain: Haha, creepage, oh yes creepage. So many good examples of creepage: some of the guys a friend dated… “I love you for your young womb” (said by one such creep)… my cousin butt bumping me while dancing… Brendan touching Betsy’s leg to silence her (back in college days)… you name it! Creepage. It’s my new favorite word.
___________Tidbit 2___________________
Most mornings, somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30, a few of us trek down to the cafeteria to fill our large mugs. The group is usually Thing 1 and Thing 2, Foo Foo the Snoo, Red, and me. The water trek usually comes with free entertainment, mostly because Foo Foo and Thing 2 like to bicker… so sometimes the rest of us just hang back a few steps to watch.
A couple mornings ago, Foo Foo reached for a straw after filling her large water mug. The straw container was empty!! Oh no. Foo Foo immediately asked the kitchen staff, who said we were out. Foo Foo wailed: “What am I going to DOOO???” I nearly busted out laughing, until I realized she was serious. Oh boy. My plan was to drink out of large mug without a straw that day. Foo Foo had no such plans. “I can’t drink out of this huge thing! Now I’m gonna have to get another cup, I can’t BELIEVE they are OUT OF STRAWS!!” (In case you can’t tell, Foo Foo is a bit of a drama queen).
Overheard this morning in the Coliseum (my name for the area of cubes I work in).
Thing 2 to Foo Foo (his big sister): Wanna go get water?
Foo Foo (in her loud whiny voice that she only uses with Thing 2 – guess it’s a sibling thing): What? Nooo, will you get me water?
Thing 2 (in his rebellious bratty teenage brother voice, that he only uses with Foo Foo): No! I’m not getting you water. I get you stuff all the time. Get your own water!
Foo Foo: What? You don’t get me stuff all the time? That’s ridiculous. You got me Arby’s once. I got you this JOB!!
Thing 2: Yeah well, you can get your own water!!
Thing 2 to me (in a normal adult voice): Hey, wanna get water?
Me: Sure…
___________Tidbit 3___________________
Another part of my job entails looking up component certifications on this website. Once you’ve found one component and need to search for the next, you get to hit this link…

Haha. “OCD home.” I love it. Maybe I relate to it a little too much, but it always makes me chuckle.
___________Tidbit 4___________________
I haven’t said much about the lab guys who work with my group. One of them is middle aged, obviously has been doing it a long time. I couldn’t put my finger on why he looked so familiar, until Red at work referred to him as “Willie Wonka” and suddenly it all made sense. Imagine this guy with lab glasses that are actually your bifocals and regular glasses and you can picture one of my coworkers. His code name is obvious (though not Dr Suess themed).
The other lab guy is younger (maybe a couple years younger than me), he does not wear lab glasses outside the lab, is really cute, but doesn’t really speak much. Sigh. We’ll call him Quiet Man. I only see him once a week if that these days, and, like I said, he doesn’t talk much, so I don’t have much material to share here. Stay tuned. Maybe someday I’ll actually talk to him.
This has been Tidbits from Neverland, tune in next time to…

3 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Hmmm, two of the “creepage” incidents include something said/done to me. Perhaps it’s a good thing I married Mark and moved far, far away. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the Neverland stories; they always amuse me.

  2. I’m glad you married Mark who has a significantly lower creepage factor than some that came before him πŸ˜€ Good work on leaving the creepage out in the cold.

  3. Good thing I read your titles and thought for a second… wait, when did Maureen start working in the Netherlands?

    Your stories make me giggle, even though they are not from the Netherlands.

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