The garden

Usually this time of year I can’t stop blogging about my yard and garden. This year I’ve been preoccupied… nonetheless, here’s what’s growing in the garden here at the Nichols homestead:
– Weeds: lots of them. I am always amazed at how fast weeds grow and take over everything. Sure feels good to be out pulling them!
– Grass. Why is it that I can grow grass in my gardens (and can’t get rid of it) but not in my yard where I want it????
– Tulips, lots of beautiful tulips. And since I started applying dog hair early in the season, I’ve had no casualties to the wabbits. This dog hair trick works like a charm, I highly recommend it. And if you ever need any, I know where you can get some 😉


-Hyacinths (grape and regular)

-Lots of columbine- that appears to be spreading everywhere, it isn’t blooming yet, but it’s popping up all over the place.

-Peonies – they’re really sprouting these days
– My bush cherry is blooming
– the lilac bushes are covered with leaves
– the strawberry plants are all greening up
– the clematis that I keep nearly killing has reappeared, we’ll see if this is a better year
– forsythia
– hosta
– lilies (several kinds poking up)
– and more…
Naturally, I’ve got a thousand things I want to do in the yard and garden, and never enough time and resources to do them all. Sigh. Now to choose which ones to concentrate on… Guess I should probably go put my feet up and make a new list for the outside projects.
Happy Spring!

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