We are all pretty tired here at the Nichols Homestead. I picked the dogs up from my parents around 5 pm today (after some softball practice, where i was totally useless). We came home and it has been a very quiet, very tired sort of evening. So tired, in fact, that the rawhide bones I gave the BOC upon their arrival have gone completely unchewed. If you’ve every seen my mutts rip into a rawhide bone, you may understand how tired we all are. Me from a weekend of weddingness, being a maid of honor for the first time, writing and delivering a toast (in front of a lot of strangers), wedding wedding wedding… lots of fun, meeting lots of people (mostly family of the bride and groom) and catching up with lots of my good friends who were at the wedding. The BOC are exhausted from a weekend at “Grandma’s” (my parent’s), lots of running around, playing with the other dogs, wading in the creek, begging for more people-interaction (suzie), and all the fun that comes with a weekend at Grandma’s.

Seriously, we haven’t even touched the rawhides, except to carry them to our nap location of choice, lest we get so inspired. I can’t think of my own rawhide equivalent, but I’m exhaustified. Can’t believe all the festivities are done… or that I have to be up and at work at 8 am with lots to do.

What a weekend!!!

Steve’s sister and sister-in-law examine some lingerie at the bachelorette party (for the record, I think they are both awesome- as are the expressions in this pic 😉

The radiant bride – and me… don’t just don’t look too closely at the dress alterations 🙂

The happy couple

A wedding first for me – Uncle Elvis impersonator… who sang for the happy couple… at length. wow…

A cute boy I adore…

And enough wedding-sass to go around 😀

4 thoughts on “Exhaustified

  1. You look stunning Reenie—truly stunning!!!!!!! Sheesh you are such a hottie in that bridesmade blue dress I think’in we should get that in white and find the man with a brain to ride off into the sunset with ya!!!!!

    really–like duh!

    cathy from co

  2. I think your dress turned out terrific!! And the SILs faces are hilarious… ~Kara PS Elvis wanted to sing for a whole hour and I tried to nix that as diplomatically as possible being the newest member to the family…

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