Strange, really strange

Hi Friends. You may wonder what the heck is wrong with me. In fact, I wonder what the heck is wrong with me. It’s 12.46 am on Friday night. You are the Maid of Honor for your housemate’s wedding and getting up early. Why on earth are you blogging?

The answer: I don’t know. I have a toast to write. Wedding-ness to gather for tomorrow. A car to vacuum (which simply isn’t going to happen). Muffins to make (also not likely). Toenails to trim and paint. Fingernails to buff. Shoes to locate. … yeah… On a positive note, the bachelorette party went well (last night), the bridesmaid dress alterations came out okay (and free), I found silver sandals in wide and they arrived in the mail yesterday, the dogs are at my parents for the weekend since I won’t be around to take care of them. And it seems like the details are well in hand (or at least i think so, since I worked today, so I couldn’t participate in the hall set up, etc).

The house is quiet. It is very strange. The bitches are at my parents for the weekend. As much as I love a quiet, alone house (yes, I am an introvert), I don’t like a house devoid of my puppies. It happens so rarely – usually they visit Camp Grandma (my parents) only when I’m gone. They are my constant companions. My entertainment. My reason to get up some days. My reason to go to bed other days (Maggie gets grouchy when kept up past her bedtime). Theyhadow (Suzie) or comment (Maggie) on my every move. Nope, my life does not revolve around my dogs, but they are definitely an important part of home for me. And even if it’s just for a couple nights, it’s really weird to be home without them. It’s so quiet. Lifeless. Lonely.

Well, sort of. Really the bride and her bridesmaid friend are upstairs in bed, where I should be. But I have to find the silver nail polish. Jot down the toast thoughts rolling around my tired brain. Change a load of laundry. Load the coffeepot for an early morning. Make another list of things to remember…

And it’s strange to be at the end of an era. I’ve lived with this particular housemate for nearly 5 years!! One of my longest. Not always an easy road, we’ve stretched each other a lot, and yet, it has definitely been an era of blessings. One of God’s faithfulness to me, to her. And the big wedding tomorrow is yet another expression of God’s incredible faithfulness. So happy wedding day, my friend, may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Here’s to the end of an era…

One thought on “Strange, really strange

  1. He has immensely blessed me through you my friend. You are my longest roommate too! (You and Maggie tie) ~Kara

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