The reasons Saturday isn’t always productive

I know, I know, I definitely blog too much about my dogs… edging toward crazy dog person… but I couldn’t resist sharing these….

Anytime I’m in the yard trying to get some work done, this is what I’m up against:

Besides, we all know I’m not very good at saying “No” especially in the case of a cute exhuberant little dog. And Suzie definitely has a one track mind!

Speaking of dogs and saying no, Maggie does not share my problem, she says “No” all the time and enjoys it:

And now you know my secret, and why my shoes always look like this:

Classy huh?

2 thoughts on “The reasons Saturday isn’t always productive

  1. Thanks D. Don’t worry, Suze will happily dirty your shoe anytime! that sounds so wrong. regardless, you’re one of her favorite uncles, and the only one she consistently pees on the floor for 😀 awww. so cute.

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