The Guys

Let me introduce the gang:
My department, the electrical safety group, is technically 6 people.

My boss is great, very personable, brilliant in all things electrical, and a great boss. We’ll call him the Cat in the Hat. He’s been in the field for years, used to work for our biggest competitor and has only been at Neverland for 2 or 3 years. He’s a solid family man (I met and love his wife), has two beautiful daughters, and clearly strives for balance at home and at work. I can’t say enough great things about him- God sure has blessed me with a good boss.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the certification project managers (CPMs), the ones I’ll do most of my work with. Thing 2 started just two weeks before me, so he and I are learning a lot together. The first couple weeks we had numerous days where we spent most of the day in the Cat in the Hat’s office learning the ropes. Thing 1 has been there a year and a half and is a walking brain. He definitely knows the ropes and is a genius at all this electric stuff (or at least he has me convinced). For the first year, I’ll be working the most with Thing 1 and writing his documentation and helping him on projects, while Thing 2 learns how to do everything on his own before I start helping him. Guess he’s gotta learn it himself so he will really appreciate having someone else (me) doing his documentation in the future.

Then there is the lab side of the ES group, which includes two guys I can’t come up with nicknames for yet. Then again, I have less stories about them since they spend most of their time in the lab and I don’t see them too much yet.

And then there’s me, the brand new technical writer, who is just learning about all things electrical, and the lone woman in our group.

Other characters who aren’t in the ES group but work directly across the hall include Foo Foo the Snoo who is Thing 2’s older sister and works in sales with Red.

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