The Actual Job

My first two weeks at Neverland was mostly training, lots and lots of training. And I’ve got more training in my future. In the following two weeks though, I’ve gotten real work assignments. And now that they’ve started, I don’t think I will ever be bored here… there’s plenty to do. Currently I have at least 6 different assignments on my desk and more in the works. My first week of real work I got dizzy at the amount of stuff to learn and the questions I was generating. But in the past week or two I’m finally feeling less overwhelmed by the work and I’m starting to be more familiar with all the terms, etc. It’s definitely a learning curve for me, but a great fit overall.

Last week I was working on some doc reports (which is a big part of my job) and had some ideas for ways to make them more usable, ways to change up the format a bit, add a coverage, use consistent styles and headings, etc. Simple stuff really. So I started making a template of what I think we should all be doing to make them work and look better. Thing 1 came by my desk to answer some questions and saw my new template and raved about how AMAZING and professional it looks, and how on earth did I come up with it? Etc. It’s nice to be appreciated. The next day I took it to the Cat in the Hat’s office because we were working on a different doc report and I was suggesting some changes, and then showed him how it would look in my new format. He loved it and suggested I start converting any docs I’m working on into that format and to start using it (which meant more work that day, but was good in the long run). The boss has given me a lot of room and encouragement to make suggestions, change thing up, use my expertise to make improvements. I am feeling more and more like an integral part of the team, and it’s all really good.

After being there a whopping 10 days, they moved me from the Village (the other cube area I was in) to a new area (without a name, but with the advice of friends, I’m calling it the Coliseum). Thing 1 and Thing 2 were also in the Village but at different ends from me. Now we’re all lined up in a row in the coliseum and just down the hall from Cat in the Hat’s office. I think it will be good to be all in the same spot, and it has already added a new level of amusement for me.

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