The Curtains

As I mentioned a week or two ago, I made new curtains for my dining room. I love them! I love the color, the material, the curtain rod, that I accomplished one thing in the month of March… yes, I love them. And though this probably isn’t that interesting to most of you, here’s a quick pictoral how to (for a certain friend out there who is also making curtains). I’m sure there’s a more professional way of doing this… but this is how I did it… and it only took a couple hours. (Note that I did not line mine, so if you line yours, they will be slightly different. But the tabs part will be the same.)
1. Cut fabric for window sizes
2. Cut tabs (I made mine 10 x 4 inches)

3. Fold tab in half, longways and inside out, to form a tube. Sew right sides together.

4. Turn rightside out

5. Iron flat

6. Fold the end over slightly and iron flat

7. Hem all sides of main curtain panels, measure an even distance between tabs, pin in place, sew tabs to curtain panels.
8. Install curtain rods (hopefully your drill batteries don’t decide to die like mine did).
9. Hang curtain on rods by tabs… (iron them first if you want to get the creases out… oops)

10. Voila!! New curtains!!

(and yes, they do close all the way, I just wasn’t very careful before taking the picture.) And as a friend told me today “They look like a garden” which is good because with all those plants on the windowsill, I definitely think the room was lacking “garden”… haha.

3 thoughts on “The Curtains

  1. Hey Reenie,Good blog! I am so intrigued by window treatments and seem to be always looking, but always having the hardest time settling on the final product! I like the material you chose. I have a penchant for green… and tab curtains. I made (without a pattern) tab curtains for my old apartment dining room windows. Loved them. Those were the days when I still sewed (well, I still do buttons and miscellaneous small jobs). I settled with Target tie-up curtains in my dining room and a year later finally found 3 of the same size and color (different color than the dining room)–a big feat requiring going to more than one Target–then found rods and got them hung (and ironed) in the living room after being in this house for nearly 6 years. (I did have some valances up for a part of that time, until I decided to paint the living room and they no longer matched.)So, we painted our bedroom recently, and I’m wondering how long it will take me to get treatments on those windows…Maybe I’ll send pics.Love, Aunt Marie

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