One of those days…

You know it’s going to be one of those days when:

1. You trip on your shoe on the way to the alarm clock… twice…

2. You hit “snooze” four times before dragging your sorry behind into the shower

3. There’s hair in the shower drain and the outfit you were planning to wear needs to be ironed… so you change your plans…

4. Lake Suzie is gracing the kitchen floor when you make it downtairs and the good rags (as in the large absorbent ones) are down in the wash

5. You’re running later than you should be (see #2 and 3 and 4) so you don’t having time to dry your hair, resigning yourself to frizz and crazy hair for the duration of the day

6. You pour coffee into your travel mug and run out the door for work, battling prime rush hour traffic

7. As you sit at the light just a block from work (at exactly 8:01 am), you look down to see that you have coffee all over your chest… and your shirt is light pink… so there’s no hiding it…

8. You thank God for those little Shout wipes you bought yesterday for just such an occasion, while cursing the stupid travel mug and it’s leaking ways

9. You wipe furiously, hoping no one in front of you or behind you can see what’s happening (and dreading that at least one of them works with you)

10. Your stains are still quite prominent, you button the jacket and head into work, carrying the accursed coffee mug and it’s remaining contents

11. You turn on the computer and get things rolling for the day before heading for the bathroom to try again on the coffee stains

12. While you’re in there, you figure you’ll wash out your big water mug… and thanks to the automatic faucets and soap dispensers, rather than a nice rinse, you get handsoap all over the mug, which requires more washing… and causes more soap to dispense… you eventually give up in disgust.

13. Next you attack the coffee stains front and center on the chest of your light pink shirt, which you manage to get a bit better, still noticable, but hopefully with the jean jacket, no one notices…

14. Before leaving the bathroom, you just happen to notice your hair, half of which has flipped out, and the other half in… all of it with a nice overall frizz. Great.

15. At lunch, you manage to drop lettuce covered with dressing on your lap. More furious scrubbing with the Shout wipes.

16. You wonder what is next… or what you’ve already done and haven’t noticed yet, but other people have…

17. And you realize it’s only noon, with half the day still in front of you…

5 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. yikes! Sounds like quite the morning…is it Lent, or what?! I was just about to recommend the world’s best completely-leak-proof travel mug, by Caribou coffee, but apparently they don’t sell them anymore. Grrr, just like makeup, you find what you love just in time for it to be replaced with some new creation that doesn’t suit you in the least. Sorry about that, I know the frustration of leaky mugs.

  2. Now I really want one of these magical non-leaking mugs!! I atchy have one that doesn’t leak, but it was dirty and is getting super old and i think the seal is about to give out… so i got the newer one recently and it leaks like a sieve (obviously). And don’t worry friends, I have a good enough sense of humor to know how to laugh about days like that… in fact, I even laughed about it while it was happening 😀

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