I realized this week that I am just simply exhausted. Not tired, sleepy as much as just bone weary. I guess in liking my new job and being soooo relieved to have the new job, I sort of forgot how exhausting change is. It’s hitting me pretty hard this week. It doesn’t help that it’s a busy time of the year and that I still haven’t learned to say “no.”

All in all, life is good. I am very blessed and happy and yet totally exhausted. I just feel like my equilibrium is off… which exhausts me further. I’ve had stuff going every night this week, really the last 2 weeks… much of which has been great, but still busy. Tonight is my night at home with just the dogs… it’s good. Introverts like me should remember to schedule in more time like this. Especially since I’m not only home hanging with my bitches, but I’m also cleaning out and reorganizing the pantry- so at least one part of my life can be under control.

Stay tuned on those work stories… I’ve got a couple written, but I’m still trying to come up with good code names for my coworkers (lest my world get smaller and they somehow stumble across my blog).

One thought on “Equilibrium

  1. You MUST schedule home/bitches time for yourself Reens – you MUST! It’s not healthy for you and we need you to be healthy. Love you, take time for yourself, PLEASE!

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