So much to say, so little brains

I really do feel several blog posts welling up within me… mostly about my experiences and the people I’m now working with… not to mention already moving cubes from the Village to the Colliseum… not to mention one of my team members and his obsession with his new huge stapler… not to mention my new friend the crazy dog lady (whose dogs call her “mommy” apparently)… not to mention having real work now… and goals (I just got the goals today)… and trying to learn a lot of information… a lot of software… a lot of names and departments and everything… whew. It’s all going really well, I really like it, but it’s exhausting at the same time.

Sadly it’s almost midnight and tomorrow is the work day for the Habitat project I somehow volunteered to coordinate (clearly I have yet to learn how to say no). Anyway, I’ve really got to go to bed… but stay tuned for said posts welling up within, I’m saving up lots of great material. One day soon I’m going to have at least 3 minutes to sit down and share some of my stories.

In other news, my friends over at Love Life just closed on their new house, HURRAY!!! Congrats!!!!

In more other news, no dead wabbits this week (fingers crossed).

In more exciting news, I bought material, made curtains, installed the curtain rod, and hung the curtains in the dining room… a project I’ve been meaning to do for 2 solid years. Sigh of contentment. So I got one thing done this week… kind of a symbol that someday I may accomplish some other things from the list… maybe…

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