Another friday

1. One week at the new job finished. I am really liking it. There’s a lot to learn but I can also see a lot of ways that I will be an asset to the team. It’s all really good. I’m feeling more comfortable and “normal” there every day.

2. I need to find new shoes for work. Something that is dressy enough for the business casual dress code and comfortable enough for all the trekking back and forth across the building numerous times a day. For the record I hate the mall. and I hate that my feet are “wide” width, so it feels impossible to find good, cute, and comfortable shoes. Also, it is a bad idea to hit the mall looking for new shoes on a day your feet already hurt from your old shoes and standing/trekking for a good bit of the day. Not a good idea at all.

3. However, as much as I hate the mall and as much as I failed at finding new work shoes, I did find a couple cute blouses to supplement my sad work wardrobe. They are springy and colorful and they were on sale. Excellent!

4. Lenten fish fry, check!

5. The cold I got at the beginning of the week is finally mostly worked through. I’m coughing occasionally but the congestion, exhaustion, and runny nose have passed. It’s nice to be mostly healthy again.

6. I’m ready for the weekend. The house needs to be cleaned badly. The car needs to be cleaned. The yard needs to be cleaned. The dogs need to be cleaned. I guess it’s good to be needed.

7. My baby sister turns 16 on Sunday. Where does time go???? It really does astound me. As does the incredible young woman she has grown into, and the blessing she continues to be in my life. But I’m still having a hard time swallowing this 16 thing 😀 I love you Smooch. Happy sweet sixteen!!

2 thoughts on “Another friday

  1. New blouses? I hardly see the need; I seem to recall a whole collection of extremely colorful numbers bequeathed upon you by a dearly departed relative. 😉 As for shoes, I can sympathize about the hard to fit bit. Have you tried DSW?

  2. If you find those comfy shoes, PLEASE SHARE! I have to admit I’ve pretty much mostly been wearing my sneakers to work, because apparently Princess Me cannot be the Least Bit Uncomfortable At Any Time. And I have very-nearly square feet, which rules out most current dressy shoes with their elf-like pointy toes. Bleh.

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