First Impressions

Once again, it has been a whirlwind since I was last here. I had a terrific weekend with the Loves, some good catching up, some crazy notions about my personality type that I hadn’t discovered yet, lots of good kid time… all around really a great visit. I flew home Sunday morning, got a ride home from the airport and had lunch with a good friend and then headed for my grandpa’s birthday party.

Sunday I started getting a scratchy throat, always the telltale sign that I’m going to get sick. Ugh. Monday dawned bright and early and I made it to 6:45 Mass, stopped off at the drugstore for Dayquil, and headed for work… 8:00 am the new job begins…

I met with my boss (RT) briefly, he showed me my cube, and then I spent the morning in company training… the exciting stuff, you know, presentations on submitting timesheets, benefits, lots of paperwork to turn in and go over, etc. I had lunch at the cafeteria with RT, which was nice. Now that I’m writing this, I realized I am quite comfortable with RT, even for a first day and me being an introvert! God is good. Then an afternoon with more training: don’t sexually harass coworkers, don’t discriminate against anyone, how to evacuate the building in case of emergency, etc. until 3 pm. Then back to RT who took me on a tour and introduced me to the people I’d work with (which was probably 30 people). I met a lot of nice people but of course had a hard time trying to figure out who everyone is and what department, etc. I’ll figure it out in time. I also met the rest of the electrical safety group, 2 CPMs who are about my age, and 2 lab guys, who I won’t see as much as the CPMs, but will be working with them some. One looks about my age and the other is probably 40-ish. So basically it’s me and 5 electrical engineer genius-nerds. Although in food equipment who is our closest department who we work with constantly, there are more women than men, so it all evens out.

My cubicle is in “the Village”… don’t know if there’s a story behind that yet, but it’s an area of cubes on the second floor with a lot of Certified Project Managers (CPM) from food equipment and electrical safety. I can’t complain, it’s kind of nice to get an empty desk – no paper stacks anywhere, nothing actually. I am really going to miss my big beautiful window from my old office, but such is life. I’m thinking of taking a nice picture of the window and blowing it up for the wall of my cubicle. And there is a nice big skylight a block of cubes over, so I’m going to try some of my low light plants to brighten up my space (and lots f pictures of cute kids- of course).
Tuesday was more training, both company trainings and one on one training with RT showing me the many new programs I’ll be working in. It all looks doable and learnable, though some of it is hard to really get until I’m working in the programs for real projects. RT took me and the two CPMs out for lunch. We talked cars, stereos, rigging cable, and other equally brainy-nerdy topics that I know nothing about- but that’s okay with me, I like all 3 of them and am looking forward to working with them.

Today (Weds) a lot more training (of course) and then lunch out with the gals and RT. I am not a lunch out every day kind of girl, but it’s hard to say no when you’re invited by the people you’re working with and want to get to know. It ended up being a lot of fun and I’m so glad I went! RT’s wife met us there so I got to meet her and she’s really neat and down to earth. And the girls are all my age-ish and shockingly though most of them are married no one has kids, everyone has dogs (except RT and his wife who have kids). It is kind of a funny opposite from most of my real life friends, who all have kids and almost none have dogs. Nonetheless, dogs tend to be a good starting point when you’re getting to know new people- and once again, I am convinced that I’m a pretty mild dog person (not a crazy dog person). Anyway, lunch was a blast and it was a great opportunity to hang out and get to know many of the other Villagers and the people I’ll be working with every day.

It has been really weird to not have any real “work” for several days, although RT just gave me some assignments since he’s coming in late tomorrow. I’ve got documents to read and suggest changes for, forms to correct, and electrical code to learn. And I’m loving it!! It’s all good, still strange but really good. I continue to just feel so blessed and like this is a really good fit for me.

Anyway, this been wayyyy to long, I apologize, but I figured I’d update everyone at once so you know I’m still alive on this end (though congested and in need of puffs plus) and really enjoying the new job.

3 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. What, I’m not a real life friend anymore? 😦 Anyhow. So great about the new job! I’ve decided good bosses and coworkers are almost more important than the actual job.

  2. Oops. By real life friends I mean most of the people I hang out with in Michigan 😀 How’s that? You my dear Sarah are my one real life friend without kids and with a dog. 😀

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