Quick Takes Friday

1. It was an insane week. I was going to say couple weeks, but most of it happened in the last week. Insane. Even stuff that happened on Weds afternoon feels like it may have been a month ago. I am incredibly thankful to have it behind me and to be moving forward (and I am hanging on to the hope that the next few weeks will be less insane. Feel free to encourage the fantasy. Please do not burst my bubble.)

2. After the insanity, I hopped on a plane and am spending a few days with my good friends in MD. This means lots of kid time, laughs, smiles, diapers, trying to understand all the things “Rizzie” (Rosie) is telling me, Anthony telling me that he “wikes” me from behind some sort of mask (it’s hard to say those things while the object of your affection can see you) and sweet little Thomas rolling all over the house and grinning at everyone he sees. And their parents, have I mentioned how much I love their parents? Because I do. I weally weally wike them. And picking out fabrics for curtains for their new house… and now I have serious new curtain envy.

3. I just spent one of the smelliest few minutes of my life. Someone who I am visiting, age 4, had a cotton candy ice cream cone for dinner. It is seriously one of the most potent and awful smells I’ve experienced in quite some time. Even after half the cone ended up in garbage just walking by the garbage can made me have to stop in my tracks. I’ve never thought of cotton candy as such a bad smell, but this one… wow… To make matters worse, the guy who ate half the cone was ready for stories with Aunt Reenie. It sounded like a good plan till we were cuddled in the reading corner, reading a train story (of course), and the smell of the cotton candy was once again hurling toward by face as he filled in lines from the story. Oh Lord. Still reading and trying to ignore the smell, someone started farting. And I really thought I might die. Of all the bad smell combos I’ve experienced in my life, I do think cotton candy ice cream breath and small boy fart are up there… oh my.

4. I start my new job Monday. I am really really excited. It will definitely be a big change, but right now I am really just looking forward to it.

5. I do not recommend pulling all-nighters after college. I just pulled my first one in close to ten years. Not a good practice. Not good at all. I am way too old for that stuff.

6. I am ready for spring. I’m excited to see my tulips and crocuses poking up in the garden and I have ambitious hopes to start my garden seedlings some evening next week (again, feel free to encourage the fantasy. Do not burst my optimistic bubble).

7. I am feeling bad about my dogs. They’ve barely seen me in the last couple weeks and the bits they’ve seen probably haven’t been too good. I am a bad mom… except that I’m not one of those dog people. I’m not their mom- I’m just their Reenie. and I’ve been a bad Reenie. And they are reportedly taking it out on my poor housemate who is watching them for the weekend. Sigh. Next week bitches. Next week, we’ll have all the time in the world…

2 thoughts on “Quick Takes Friday

  1. What brought about the all nighter? I’ve been through almost all college and haven’t had to pull one of those. I don’t want to, either. I hope that the new job goes well and next week is not so crazy!

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