Quick Takes

I might not be very good at quick takes… maybe I should call these wordy takes… regardless, here’s what I’ve got this week…

1. I cannot believe it is already the end of February! Where does time go? Don’t get me wrong, I am SOOOOO thankful it’s already the end of February, February can’t end soon enough for me really. Next comes March, where it’s still not gorgeous outside but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, you know spring is next. Besides, I start all my little seedlings in March, so it gives me hope for spring and gardening season! Hurray!!

2. My official start date for my new job is March 16th. There were some complications figuring it out, but we’ve finally landed a real start date. I’m grateful for some of those kinks since it gives me a little extra time to get caught up and handed off at my current job. I continue to marvel at God’s faithfulness and provision for me! God is so good!

3. I am probably the most over committed person I know. Nope, just kidding, my parents probably take the cake on that one – though they typically over commit at the last minute vs. my over committing in advance. I always assume I can do something far in advance, when the calendar is clear – coordinate something, participate, plan, etc- and then when I look at my schedule as it approaches I realize I’ve wayyyy over committed myself. I’m still no good at saying no… heck, half the time I volunteer for this stuff!! March is a majorly over committed season for me, in the next few weeks: plan/coordinate a fundraiser, coordinate Habitat for Humanity project with my parish, throw shower for my housemate, do Stations of the Cross with Life Teen, spend a weekend out of town with friends, wrap up at my old job, start a new job (not to mention the drug tests I have to go get ;), organize our spring softball team … ahhh. “Hi. My name is Favorite Aunt and I’m a chronic over-committer.” “Hi Favorite Aunt.”

4. Lent. Ah lent. I feel very behind on lent. In light of all the other craziness in my life right now, it totally took me by surprise. And I’m coming up blank on what I need to do and/or give up for this season. Actually, I think I need to simplify things… but I’m not sure how to make that happen in the next few weeks (though I’m determined to not commit to anything else… ever). A good friend had a very inspiring post here … now if only I could come up with the concrete ways to do that in my own life. Stay tuned on lent… I’m still working on it.

5. I’ve been baking a lot lately – mostly just bread. I love home baked bread. I love the process of baking it. I love the way the whole house smells when you pull it out of the oven. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, baking is therapeutic and relaxing for me… probably why I’ve baked every weekend the last month or two. Hmmm. Meanwhile the house is going to pot because I’ve been baking more than cleaning (and having kids over on weekends). Oops. The dog blankets are being washed today for the first time in 3 weeks (I’m usually fanatical about washing them weekly or at the most every other week- 3 weeks though? Clearly my type A mind has been elsewhere.)

6. I found these in the garden, they first started coming up the week it got warm and rained all week. Then they were covered with the next few inches of snow. And now they’re trying to come back up!! Yay! Signs of spring!! (Believe it or not, I’m really ready for spring 😉

7. Note to self: Do not bake while distracted. Do not bake and clean at the same time. Do not bake and talk on the phone. If you’re going to bake, bake for crying out loud. And please remember to put the salt in the bread before you put it in the bowl to rise (we’ll see how this mixing the salt in last works out… I’m not too optimistic about it).

One thought on “Quick Takes

  1. Ahh, you’re doing stations? I wondered. I guess the whole plan of handing it off to me doesn’t work that well when I’m out of the country. Thanks for being a dedicated stationer!

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