More gushing

Okay, the proud auntie can’t help it, here’s a few more pics of the new guy. Isn’t he darling? And his adoring family is pretty darling too.

At the Nichols homestead, we’re slowly transitioning back to life without the munchkins. There are still toys in the living room I need to return to their spots. The dogs have searched every corner for crumbs, licked the booster seat clean, and Mag is happy to be back upstairs with us. Suze, on the other hand, misses her buddies. She still whines at the bottom of the stairs, thinking they might be up there. Nope, sorry Suze, it’s just boring ole me… and I’m going to work.

Check out this awesome nap position. I can’t imagine how she sleeps like that! but it is kind of entertaining!

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