God is Good!!

I have a new job!!! I’m not going to get into the long complicated details or tell you where my new job is here on this public forum. But I had my second round of interviews yesterday with a large stable corporation in A2. I thought the interviews went well (I interviewed with 4 people back to back) and they said they’d have a decision for me by the end of the week.

By the end of the day, I got a phone call with the job offer! God is so good! I know this job is a gift directly from Him. Whew. It’s also a huge relief. And it is mixed with some very real sadness about leaving my current job and the many wonderful work, people, and blessings I’ve experienced here. The new job will be very different to be sure, which is daunting and kind of exciting at the same time. My job is technical writing and working closely with test engineers who test equipment. Fascinating stuff -or at least it’s fascinating to a nerd like me. I credit my getting the job to my first interview with them…

I was interviewed by the head of the immediate department hiring a tech writer. He was nice, easy to talk to, asked good questions, and then started quizzing me on random mechanical parts he pulled out of a box… the first one he handed me I had no idea what it was and felt like a moron stumbling over my words… uh it’s metal plates fused together with wiring… uh. The next one I guess correctly as a heating coil and even managed to guess what was inside of it, etc.

The third one he pulled out was a similar motor to the one I’d pulled out of my freezer, so I recognized it immediately which I think impressed him. That led to why I knew that part. “You took apart your freezer? Why??” Me: To replace the motor that had burned out. Him: “Wow, and did you fix it?” Me: Of course! “Wow” I think he was pretty pleased – this company tests products by pulling them apart and I’d be writing reports of that nature. As the first interviewer passed me off to his boss for the next interview he tells him, “She took apart her freezer to replace the motor.” Boss: You did?? Wow.

Seriously, I really think I got the job because I fixed my old freezer. That frustrating project has paid off big time! (and God still has a great sense of humor).

6 thoughts on “God is Good!!

  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome that the freezer thing paid off so well (I mean, besides having a working freezer ;-)). And it does my heart good to hear of someone in Michigan *hiring*. God is good!

  2. So what about the job! I’m just glad I know someone who can fix our freezer. 🙂 Just joshing ya, Maureen. Uncle Jeff and I are very happy for you. Love, Aunt Marie

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