Andrew Paul

He’s finally here!!! I’m pleased to annouce the arrival of my new nephew, Andrew Paul, this morning at 2:48 am. He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long! He’s a gorgeous and healthy little man, and has his dad’s large hands and long feet.

The kids and I went to visit this morning… and as you can see, they love their new brother. They were pretty excited when I said it was Andrew’s birthday, so we brought coffee cake and sang happy birthday to the new arrival – who slept through the whole party, all the holding and jostling and excitement.
My claim to fame was changing his first poopy diaper (it’s quite glamorous, i know) and as I moved the diaper I realized I was in the line of fire and quickly covered him back up and said “I just have this feeling he’s going to pee all over me…” within seconds, he started peeing, but since I was cautious, most of it just hit the diaper (and not his auntie).

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