The munchkins

I got a nice dose of my munchkins this weekend. Ben and Ellie were here Friday morning – Saturday morning. And then Geno, Lu, and Jane for a Valentine’s lunch.

On the way home from Mass last night we were talking about dinner and how hungry we all were.
Ben: Aunt Reenie, whenever I eat, I grow (they love this game, telling me they are growing while I beg them to stay small).
Reen: But want you to stay small forever Ben!
Ben: Well, I get hungry and have to eat. and then I grow. I’m going to be a priest when I grow really big.
Reenie: Wow Ben, I would love that.
Ellie: an’ I’m hungwy too Aunt Weenie!
Reen: You are?
Ellie: Yes, and sometimes I look just like Jesus.
Reen (trying to get where we’re going with this): Does Jesus look hungry?
Ellie: Yes, vveewwyy hungwy, and sometimes he sits in his chair and has a dwink

I’m pretty sure that she’s mixing up Fr Ed and Jesus here… partly because of this comment and because at the end of Mass after the recessional she looked at the sanctuary and asked, “Where’d Jesus go?”

Ben (watching Suzie in her crate): Look, Aunt Reenie! I just saw her lick herself!!

Lunch with Jane, Lucy and Geno was fun. I was serving mac and cheese and pigs in blankets.
Geno: Why are they called pigs in blankets?
Reen: Look, it’s a sausage, made out of pig, wrapped with a bun, so it’s like wrapping a pig in a blanket.
Geno: Maybe we should call them horses in blankets.
Reen: Or babies in blankets, ‘cause it kinda looks like a baby.
Geno: Oh yeah, well how ‘bout I wrap you in a bun and eat YOU!

Overheard while Geno and Lucy were playing castle:
Geno: “I’m the princess! I am the princess and the queen and you have to obey me.”
I had to look to confirm Geno had acquired the princess playmobile character.

I must say, for being such a petite munchkin, Jane was very brave today. She was certainly cautious with the Suze, and at first just wanted me to hold her when Suzie would approach, but by the end of the visit, she was chasing Suzie around the house (on her wobbly little legs)! Quite a deed for a girl who stands at eye level with that exuberant beast. It was pretty funny, especially since Suzie gets a little nervous when people (munchkins) chase her – so she nervously wags her happy tail and goes to hide behind an adult.

Now all three of us (those of us that live here) are kinda tired. Suzie from lots of playing with the kiddos and being chased around, Maggie from her time in the basement, and me from all the fun.

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