Quick Takes Friday

1. I took the day off work to have my niece Ellie and nephew Ben over. It is like relaxation therapy for me and just what I needed during a rather stressful season in my life. Their mom was possibly going to be induced today, but that didn’t happen (complications). However, since I already took the day off, I sent her home for an afternoon without the kids. And they were pretty excited to be having an overnight here anyway. Pray for my sister and a safe delivery at the right time!

2. It seems like lots of people are sick again. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, but I’m definitely hoping to pass on this round of illness- in it’s many various forms. I’m set for the winter, thanks. Which reminds me that I should get a flu shot at my routine appointment on Monday.

3. Last week we had quite a thaw here in MI. It melted all the huge piles of snow, the nice white snow covering everywhere, and turned everything into a dull brown. Not to mention a couple days with rain. Nice. It’s now back to freezing temps and we should be getting snow in the next couple days. I think the last stretch was one of the longest I remember having snow and keeping snow for that long. Usually there’s more thaws in between. Hmm. Global warming? I have my doubts.

4. Speaking of global warming, don’t get me started about politics and this un-stimulous bill our elected officials are voting on. It makes my blood boil. It is a big government, big spending bill and the experts are saying so little of it even creates long term jobs and most of it doesn’t stimulate the economy. Awesome. If you want to spend big, go ahead and write me a big check… Also, fascinating that our representatives got a 1000 page bill last night and were expected to vote on it today! They don’t even have time to really read it!!! So basically everyone flips it open, checks for their pet projects (pork), and then votes? What??? Grrr. Like I said, don’t get me started…

5. This job hunting thing is definitely good for me. It is stressful, don’t get me wrong, and I’m not enjoying it but I can see that it is stretching me good ways. God is faithful. In the past week I went through orientation and have a very part time job at a home care company (just have to have my doctor’s appt and recertify in first aid and CPR to finalize it). This is a huge blessing and it’s comforting to have something lined up. The pay is really low, but I think the work will be rewarding, and every little bit counts right now. Just today I got a call from a big firm, well renowned, about a resume I submitted for a technical writing position. I’d forgotten all about it since I sent it right at the beginning of my search. She said her boss thought my resume stood out as a great mix of engineering and tech writing which is what they are looking for. I have an interview there on Monday! Ahhh. I need new shoes.

6. I am still no good at saying no or setting limits for myself. I’ve been working on it, but I don’t think I’ve made much progress.

7. Wow. I really shouldn’t have this much trouble coming up with a seventh… but I am… uhhhh… oh here’s a good one, I broke part of my bumper on the huge snow pile at the end of the driveway, I didn’t turn sharp enough and crunched a corner on the snow/ice heap. Today now that the snow has all melted, I just found a piece of bumper. Smooth move Reen.

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