The big decision

Okay not really a big decision at all, but it’s on my mind so I’m going to bore my imaginary readers here on the blog:

My housemate is making hair appointments for her wedding and needs to know how many to schedule for. My hair is now long enough for a ponytail, meaning by the end of the day, I’ve usually reverted to a ponytail. It’s definitely feeling too long and ready for a cut. But… it is kinda fun to get an up-do for a wedding… on the other hand, it’s significantly cheaper to not have long hair and an up-do for the wedding… on the other hand I’m not sure I can handle long hair for the next 3 months anyway. On the other hand… Why are the trivial decisions the hardest ones to make sometime??? Thoughts? Opinions?

I do apologize for the ridiculously trivial nature of this post…

6 thoughts on “The big decision

  1. As someone who recently chopped off a bunch of hair (mostly out of boredom), I don’t think I can in good conscience recommend that you keep it long if you don’t want to. Unless it were your own wedding, in which case I would probably advise it. Maybe you should get your hair cut now (at least a little bit), and see if it grows out enough in the next few weeks for a real up-do. That being said, I think that adding/subtracting a hair appointment shouldn’t be a huge deal (they probably just need an estimate at this point so they know how many people to schedule). So you could have her include you in the count, but be prepared to back out at the last minute if it doesn’t look like a good idea. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I’m posting a comment on a post about hair.My thought is…cut it off if it’s cheaper and will take some stress out of your mornings. It’ll always grow back, and it sounds like if the wedding weren’t a factor, you’d have already chopped it off. Go with your guts.Again, I can’t believe I actually just commented on this post. I think I’ll go do something manly now.

  3. Well, are you going to be wearing a ponytail for 3 months just to wear it in a fancy ponytail for one day? If it were my hair, I would cut it…I get my hair cut whenever the ponytail days turn into every day. Maybe they can pin your hair back and give you a fake-hair updo…best of both worlds!

  4. I know the feeling Reenie! Mine is at just the same point, I’ve decided to keep it for now, but it might not last long. I would say go ahead and cut it if it’s annoying.

  5. After profound reflection, prayer & consideration of your important decision – I offer that by keeping it long you can offer it up as pennance for Lent & reap the Easter reward of an updoo & a very appreciated haircut 🙂 Have a great day!

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