He looks how I feel right now: TIRED.
Collin and Beth bought a new house in Milan. It was a foreclosure so they got it for a steal of a deal, but it was cheap for a reason and there’s a lot of work to do on it (think total remodel, one room at a time probably). There’s also a lot to do to get it liveable in the next two days. Last night I went over to help paint and helped move a truckload of stuff too. Tonight I’m also painting, moving, packing, etc as needed, probably quite late again. In a case of truely bad timing, C&B have to be out of their townhouse Sunday (I think) so the big move is this weekend, when everyone in my fam is either going on retreat to Gethsemane monastery in KY (the ladies), or the CTK Men’s retreat, or watching kids because the wives are gone. Since help is limited over the weekend, we’re trying to help them as much as possible before that. But there is a lot to do, packing the old place, painting, refinishing floors, and other endless stuff at the new place. Also, being an extreme “J” helping extreme “P’s” move is tiring, even without all the projects!! We do things very differently, J’s and P’s… (I’m referring to the myers briggs personality styles, in case you have no clue what i’m talking about).
Then I’ve got a stressful meeting first thing Thursday morning. Then a friend is coming to chill Thurs evening while I do laundry and pack so I can go on retreat first thing Friday morning. Ahhhh…
I predict a lot of sleeping on this retreat. I usually sleep a lot, but I also usually go in the spring when it’s gorgeous outside so I spend most of the retreat outside. I’ve never gone this time of year, but it definitely is winter there. So I imagine it’s less conducive to my outdoor retreat…
Also funny: We are taking my sister in law Lindsey for her first silent retreat. If you know Lindsey, you know silence isn’t really a regular part of her life or her personality. Her co-workers are predicting she won’t survive. I think it’ll be tough but she’ll enjoy it at the same time. I had to kindly tell her I can’t possibly ride home from retreat with her- talk about an abrupt end to the silence that I like to prolong for as long as possible. So we will have the talking car and the quiet car… and I will be driving the quiet car.

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