Quick Takes Friday

1. I took the Christmas tree down last night. I think last week was the official christmas tree pick up at the curb, but I didn’t get it down in time. I was quite relieved to arrive home from work and see that they took it! Although I got the tree undecorated and down, the rest of the house is still decorated. I had to do the undecorating, unlighting, and taking down of the tree in steps with naps in between- thanks to being sick and without energy- so nothing else has come down yet. Maybe tomorrow…

2. Now that Christmas and Owen/Suzie’s birthday is done, I’m looking at the bleakest part of winter… and time to take on some serious projects to keep from going insane. Right now I have so many that need to be done it’s hard to pick… and none are really creative or fun, they are more along the lines of declutter and organize. Maybe I’ll have to make it a blog-event like last year’s laundry room project. Although decluttering and sorting old boxes in the basement isn’t nearly as fun as painting stripes on the wall. Stay tuned.

3. It is incredibly cold here in Michigan. As in sub-zero cold, which we don’t get too often. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get more snow. There is this adorable little bird that seems to like the spot right outside the patio door, perched on the dog runner. He flutters at the patio door a lot and has reappeared numerous times in the past few days… he’s so cute. I wish the pic showed his red head/chest better. Last night I scared him away to scatter birdseed in case he’s hungry… but then he didn’t come back. Oops.

4. Speaking of birds, thanks to the above bird-visitor, I suddenly realized I need a bird book. I was having a conversation with someone a few weeks ago and they mentioned some bird they keep seeing, my first question: “Oh cool, did you look him up in the bird book?” She looked at me like I was crazy. Is the bird book really so crazy? I grew up in a homeschooling family. A bird-book family. Any time we’d see a bird, someone would run and get the bird book and we’d look up what it was, where it came from, what it ate, what birds it was closely related to, etc. I remember pouring over the gorgeous pictures in the bird book just for fun. When Lisa lived with me, she had a bird book and we’d look up the various birds that ate outside the dining room window. Currently, I have no bird-book housemates and apparently I need a bird book of my own… maybe I can get one with my borders gift card. Along those lines, come on… any other bird-book people out there? Is the bird book really so crazy?

5. Although it’s cold, it is very beautiful!! Here’s a shot out my dining room window- playing with the filters in my awesome new camera.

6. I’m reading a book called “Pack of Two” about a woman and her dog. It’s kinda cute, she talks about the relationships people have with dogs and how intimate and hidden those relationships are, how foreign they are to people without dogs, etc. At the beginning of the book, I really enjoyed the connection and thought she had some interesting and true observations, but now I’m bored. Apparently she’s going to continue making those same observations over and over again and never really get anywhere with the book. On a positive note, the book is confirming for me that I’m not an insane dog-person. I am certainly a dog owner and love my dogs (and blog way too much about them) but I am not an over-the-top dog person. Whew. That’s a relief.

7. Alan continues to thrive in the Cous household. He enjoyed Owen’s birthday party at my place last Saturday and got quite good at the paddle/ball game. He’s so cute! He is always just delighted with life. Apparently he insisted on wearing the pants I made him for Christmas when he found out he was coming to my house! What a cutie! Not only does he have physical therapy several days a week, he also has Ken Cous, ever practical, at the helm, teaching him to crawl, and do all sorts of non-traditional exercises to help him function better in the real world. His surgery on his arm is coming up next week, say a prayer for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

6 thoughts on “Quick Takes Friday

  1. The Bird Book is definitely not crazy! We had a bird book growing up too – an Audubon guide to North American birds. I loved that thing! (even though not much stuck). My aunt had all sorts of bird feeders behind her house and a selection of bird books, so my cousins, who I babysat, knew all the birds pretty well. It’s been driving me crazy that I don’t have a bird book…maybe I can pick one up used sometime. You should make a bird feeder for your winter project! Fun power tool time, fun painting it and decorating it, and you can have fun picking out the perfect spot for it (somewhere you can see from the comfiest chair in the house is my vote).

  2. Yes, there are people like me who sit watching the bird’s activity in wonder, getting so engrossed in the activity of the bird that it never enters the consciousness to wonder the kind of bird.

  3. First of all, the pic outside your window is BEAUTIFUL!…when did you move to Narnia? Secondly, I don’t think bird books are crazy, though I’m not much of a fan myself. On the other hand, what about tree books? – a good friend here is a tree nut and carries hers on walks (pun only slightly intended). 🙂

  4. Katie- glad to hear you are also bird book people. nice to have company.Anonymous- it’s no fair posting anonymously! I really don’t remember who i was talking to… but i’m glad you enjoy the activity even without knowing.Betsy- yes, Narnia is quite lovely this time of year. And no… I don’t have a tree book, but I have siblings who do…

  5. It’s interesting that I sent two responses, one referring to Narnia (like what Betsy said) and then the case in defense of those of us who don’t think in terms of “kind” of birds. The signed comment didn’t go through so I tried the anonymous. Anyway, I’m not ashamed to admit it’s me.

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