Lassie with the kiddos

As you may know, I am mush for babies… especially of the human or fuzzy varieties (baby fish, baby lizards, etc. don’t hold the same appeal). Puppies are a particular weak spot for me.

A few days before Christmas, the neighbor who walks our archnemisis dogs (two big long haired fluffy white ones) walked by with a new puppy. I wanted to run down the street after him, but thought that might be strange. I think it’s a husky pup and soooo stinking cute!! On New Year’s my aunt and uncle brought their new puppy to the family party, soooo cute! Lassie is a baby collie and just beautiful. They held her like a baby for half the time and let her wander around the rest of the time. Then I stumbled across some pictures of Baby Suzie… I want a puppy!!!!!

On the other hand, here’s a list why I like not having a puppy right now (yes, you are right, this list is for me more than anyone else):

-I can sleep through the night without interruption

-I can sleep in on weekends without worrying about accidents in the crate

-I can wander freely through the house not worrying about a potty training accident lurking in some corner

-I can work a full day and not be worried about accidents waiting for me

-I can leave things out at puppy level and they (usually) won’t get chewed or destroyed (with the exception of an occasional kid toy, which Suze thinks are for her).

-Adult dogs are more peaceful and we can just chill together (sometimes) without all the activity of a puppy

There are probably more reasons too, but that’s enough for now. I really do appreciate having adult dogs… But just look at how cute she was!!!! Why can’t they stay like this forever?

Baby Suzie – cutest puppy ever

One thought on “Puppies

  1. Oh great. Remember how I was thinking about a second dog? Because those photos might push me over the edge. And I will blame you, and you will be required to come puppy-sit.

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