Quick Takes Friday

1. I feel that I should do some sort of New Year’s post… but that feels too labor and brain intensive, so I’m going to settle for this. For the record, I do not like new year’s resolutions because I prefer failure in smaller doses. I do have several resolutions / goals rattling around in my head, but will take them one month at a time.

2. It has been a very busy break, lots and lots of visiting and parties with intermittent stretches of being home alone and totally unproductive. I’m really glad I got to see and hang out with a bunch of people over the course of the break: Novecoskys, Mitzels, Archibalds, Pannings, Brad, Sara, Garrett, Katie and Killian, Fiona, and others I’m sure I’m forgetting right now. Not to mention a Mary Kay party with Anne B and some of my sisters 🙂 And seeing lots of family at various family events (but never enough one on one time with far away cousins…). Whew. The unproductivity has been a little extreme but kinda nice at the same time. Besides, I’ve got 3 months of the dreaded winter to be productive and get projects around the house done.

3. I think I’m finally getting sick after numerous exposures and many escapes in the last couple months. It’s nothing serious, but yesterday I got a sinus headache and by the end of the Kennedy family gathering my head was throbbing and feeling stuffy. I took nyquil, snuggled / dozed with the pups for awhile, and then dragged myself to bed. Today I’m still congested, but the headache is gone and I can’t really complain, it’s pretty mild so far.

4. I love baking. I’ve been baking a lot over this Christmas season, mostly stuff for one party or another. but I really do love it, it’s so satisfying and relaxing and makes the house smell great. And then I pawn off said baked goods at whatever party so hopefully it doesn’t go straight to my hips… I have a new favorite bread recipe and I also tried a new recipe for homemade creamy tomato soup. Usually I’m not a huge soup fan, but I’ve realized that might have more to do for my dislike of mushy vegetables and canned soup than an actual distaste for good soup. Tomato soup made with homegrown and canned tomatoes can’t even be compared to the canned stuff at the store.

5. New Year’s Eve was fun, a nice small-ish gathering hosted by someone else that included several of my good friends. And some snuggle time with a favorite godson of mine… he’s pretty cute, although the noisemakers and shouting at New Year’s did scare him. How on earth is it 2009 already though???

6. Next up, dinner tonight with friends, projects around the house Saturday, Epiphany celebration with my immediate family on Sunday. Owen’s birthday is Monday so I think we’re doing his (and Suzie’s) party the following week. A murder mystery birthday party for a friend. Then a retreat weekend at Gethsemane later in January and a few more family birthdays thrown in there too. Maybe I’m not going to get any projects done until February… and I definitely need some more vacation after all this celebrating!!

7. Somewhere in the craze of the past week, I had to take Suze to the vet for extreme scratching, swollen eyes, oozing and bleeding (again). The vet was concerned that Suzie’s seasonal allergies may be expanding if she’s reacting in January. She went over lots of things it could be and said if I’d like to rule out food allergies, I can put her on a diet of homemade dog food made with sweet potatoes and ostrich for 6 weeks, and if her allergies clear up, we’ll know it’s a trace of something found in dog food. Awesome. I don’t actually think I want to know. I opted for our usual round of prednisone and Suzie’s back to her normal happy self and has stopped scratching. Ostrich and sweet potatoes? Are you kidding me?? We’ll stick with the cheap and easy steroids for now, thank you.

One thought on “Quick Takes Friday

  1. I used to dog sit for some former neighbors of my family and their dogs were allergic to something in dog food, so she made their own. Some strange mixture of raw meat and raw veggies. She’s put in the blender, then freeze it in little tupperware containers. I always thought that was a pretty extreme. Isn’t there allergin free dog food somewhere?

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