More on the epic tale

No more visits from George while I was around, though that isn’t saying much since I don’t live there. Nonetheless, I thought you’d want to know.

Allan had surgery on both of his legs last Monday. A week before the surgery I’m on the phone with my mom asking how it’s going to work, what the recovery looks like, etc.
She kept saying “Oh I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out next week after the surgery.”
Me: “Um, if he’s going to be at your house for recovery, you need to know AHEAD OF TIME what he’s going to need, what to expect, etc.”
Mama: “Well, that would be nice, i guess we’ll see.”
This is a perfect illustration of the difference between a “P” and a “J”. And I am an extreme J twitching uncontrollably after such an open ended conversation!! (And I’m sure my “P” mother wonders what is wrong with me.)

A few days later I hear that the plan was for him to go to Foundation Lady’s (FL from here forth) house to recover. So my parents located a hospital bed, got it all set up at her house, etc. In the meantime I keep wondering how this is actually going to work. I mean FL meant to host him before but couldn’t do it, why would a post-op Allan be better than a pre-op Allan? In my head, I’m quite confident that he’ll be at my parents and I encourage them to be part of any pre-op meetings with the surgeons, etc.

Allan’s surgery apparently went well, he was at the hospital for a few days, and then, sure enough, went home to my parents (after they went back to FL’s house, disassembled the hospital bed, set it up in my parents’ living room). I’m actually glad he’s with them. Clearly he has bonded with my family and that is his American “home”… if it were me, I’d rather go home than to someone else’s house especially after major surgery! Besides he has physical therapy appointments almost every day and my dad is the one to take him since it requires some lifting, etc to get him in and out of the car. At some point soon, he’ll also have surgery on his non-functioning arm, though I’m not sure if that is scheduled yet.

At the gingerbread house party, Allan was obviously a little overwhelmed by all of the activity and opted to stay in bed and watch from the living room- I can’t say I blame him. I do wonder what he’ll think of a Cousino Christmas Marathon… and it makes me wonder who else will be included in our family Christmas, I mean, my parents randomly adopt all sorts of people, especially for the holidays, so it could make for an interesting crowd. Maybe George will make an appearance with the camcorder again…

Oh yeah, and Allan’s English is improving all the time. I wouldn’t say he’s fluent, but he has picked up a lot and you can tell he understands a lot better too.

And so, the adventure continues…

One thought on “More on the epic tale

  1. Wow. What a tale. I read the first post and wondered – who is Alan? Now I know. What a way to reach out! I can just see this happening and even funnier, see your J personality gasping for air and lack of planning… šŸ™‚

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