A Christmas Eve Morning Edition of The Good, the bad and the ugly…

The Good…
-A day off today!! Actually nearly 2 weeks off, with a few working spurts as I need to go in and get mail and check messages! I’m ready for the break.
-Last night I was supposed to hang out with some good friends, but the weather (more snow) made the roads bad and I decided to stay home rather than fight the roads and traffic. It was a good decision and I got all the family calendars finished and several ready to mail (today maybe) and 2 other gifts made (for Owen and Alan). It was a cozy evening to stay home and project like a nutcase.
-I love my Christmas tree. I love having the house all decorated for Christmas. I love this season- though, as usual, Advent flew by all to fast. I love Christmas Eve Mass. I love Christmas celebrations. I love that God sent His only Son so that we might have Life!
-I have the house to myself for a few days, which as you probably know, I always enjoy. I’m not sure what it is about an empty house, but I absolutely love it!! It’s probably the result from growing up in a large family and never having a quiet house, or years and years of roommates, but somehow the quiet house is one of my favorite things. (And by quiet it just means I’m on my own with the BOC, it isn’t always quiet. In fact, as I drink my coffee and write this, I hear the lovely crunch of toenails as Suze works on hers).
-My brother Garrett is flying in this evening from New Orleans, I’m excited to see him!! and I’m praying the weather doesn’t prevent his coming.

The Bad…
-“Wintry mix” ’nuff said.
-Overachievers who take their dog out for a walk early each morning, making it harder to shovel sidewalks and making some people feel guilty about not walking the dogs at all in days, maybe even weeks… hmmm.
-Thinking I will be able to do make a whole bunch of Christmas gifts and getting all excited for them… and then the reality of limited time and skill kicking in and having to change plans.
-My bruised knee still hurts from my crash on the icy patio 2 weeks ago. It’s finally faded to a pale yellow/green, but it still hurts whenever I kneel on it.

The Ugly…
-My bootivity (a gift from my grandparents a few years ago). As ugly as it is though, it always brings a smile to my face! Seriously, check this thing out. Why on earth would Grandma say “I saw it and it reminded me of you because it’s so unique, just like you!”

-My living room and family room are a disasterous array of projecting stuff that needs to get cleaned up.
-my kitchen floor (still ugly after all these years).
-I make a point not to shop on Christmas Eve if I can help it. I hate the crowds, the rush, the insanity. But in a case of bad planning, I will be completely out of dog food after dinner tonight and I’m out of bread and need to pick up some stuff for my part of Christmas dinner. Bad bad planning Reens.
-Suzie trying to itch all the fur off her face again, not a good look Suze.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

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