It begins…

Today began the Marathon of Family Events… really I guess it’s more the Marathon of Celebratory Events (and a lot of them happen to be family). I love this time of year, I love the celebrations, I love the time spent with family and friends… but it is exhausting after awhile. And tonight, realizing it has begun, I’m feeling tired already…

Today was the gingerbread (actually graham cracker) house party. About 25 family and friends gathered to create ingenious structures and cover them with candy. At first I was uninspired trying to think of what to make, but then I had an idea, and made a train, in honor of my favorite train fan Anthony. Here are some pictures for you buddy.

Other impressive entries included Michael Mish and his prison. Collin and his always elaborate creation. Nick and Katie and their cool… whatever it is… Sam and Brigette and their house o’love. Mommy Mish and her own house. Katie’s terrarium. Lindsey’s Aspen Chase apartments. Owen making a very tall unnamed (and mostly undecorated) tower. Sara’s school complete with playground and children. Dan, Mark, and Lauren and their coast guard ship. and more. Quite impressive!!

It was bitterly cold outside yesterday and something was up with my parents’ finicky heating system. It was quite cold the entire time!! and after several hours there, I was really ready to head home to my well-heated home and try to defrost. I am not a girl who handles being cold very well. I spent the end of the evening at home, in double layers, savoring the warmth of my own cozy house, watching a movie, and thanking God for the little things like heat and long underwear.
So it has begun…
The next week is going to be insane. The introvert in me is exhausted just thinking about it. And the other part is excited because I love Christmas, I love seeing out-of-town friends and in-town friends, I love celebrating with family, immediate and extended. It isn’t that I want to skip any of it, but it sure does make me tired… and then I will be distinctly anti-social for about a month to recover, so somewhere end of February, beginning of March, I’ll be ready for interaction again.
Sometimes it is easy to be distracted by all the happenings and forget what we are really celebrating- that God became Man, Emmanuel, God with us. May we all remember to take time to ponder, wonder at, and celebrate that amazing mystery.

One thought on “It begins…

  1. Well, we have nothing exhausting really. Except a visit from on very exhausting guest. Starting tomorrow. Oi. I’ll have to show these pics to Anthony tomorrow – He’ll be even more excited. Oh my gosh – your post about Alan and Ira is awesome. A Cousino Christmas special, for sure!

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