Snow Day

We are in the midst of a big snowstorm here in Michigan. I always find it rather amusing the amount of hype the newscasters make about snow. Any snow, really. Seriously people, we live in Michigan. It snows here. The last snow earlier in the week got a lot of hype that was uncalled for 3-5 inches is not worth a huge deal. Today’s 10 inches deserves a little more hype, but not so much on the shock scale. Again, we live in Michigan and it’s winter. Oh well. This morning my housemate and I ventured out and shoveled the driveway and sidewalks together. By the time I showered and returned outside, my car had iced over from the precipitation falling in the form of ice/sleet. Now it’s back to snow. There are days it is not advantageous to work only 1.5 miles from the office. There really is no excuse, especially since I have some reports I have to get out today. Sigh. Otherwise I’d be home for sure.

Other things… I have two packages to send out before Christmas… one is pretty much ready to go. The other isn’t even close- I haven’t finished a project I’m doing that belongs in one of them. I’m really a failure at getting it all done well in advance. Tonight I’m doing Christmas cards and maybe the project to go in said package. I am determined to mail packages tomorrow!! We shall see if I make it.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. How did I miss your blog until now? Well, now that I know it’s here, I will read. And that will get me through the hard times when I don’t get to see you enough 🙂 Yesterday was Grandma Day, except it got cancelled because Grandma couldn’t start her car. Then today Hannah was going to watch the kids for a little bit so I could run errands but then Gene got sick last night (poor guy!). So I’ve got a bad case of cabin fever and am seriously thinking about crashing your Christmas card writing party if it wouldn’t bother you (or Tim) too much… so if a crazy person comes a carolling tonight, for pity’s sake, let her in 🙂

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