You know you’re an introvert when, after a long, social, fun weekend, you find yourself totally exhausted on Sunday night and just wanting some peace and quiet and alone time.

It was a great weekend!

Friday night murder mystery with friends. Great fun though rather confusing.

Saturday watching Owen in the Wizard of Oz — he stole the show in his many roles: farmhand, coroner of the munchkins, and my favorite, flying monkey. Awesome. Then some shopping to purchase the gifts for giving tree that i’d taken and forgotten. Ahh.

The Thomm’s Christmas party that evening was great fun, as always.
Sunday Mass, coffee & donuts at church, Monica’s baptism, baptism party. (It was deacon Mark’s first baptism, pretty cool!!)

On the way home I stopped at Brendan’s to borrow his truck to get Christmas tree. Geno had made me a beautiful paper chain for my tree. We were negotiating who was getting the tree with me (Geno went with Bren for their tree, so Lucy would go with me). I said I may need some help getting the tree set up in the stand since that’s definitely a two-person job. Geno chimed right in, eager to help and wanting an excuse to come along: “Sure, I can help you!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him it might be a two-adult job 😉 So it was agree Lu would get the tree with me and then Brendan and Geno would come over to help me set it up and, of course, install the lovely paper chain.

And then to end the day, listening to Christmas music and stringing lots of lights onto the beautiful tree (and not getting it together enough to actually do any more decorating than that).

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