Quick Takes Friday #1

I like this idea (thanks Love Life who got it from Conversion Diary). Here’s my quick takes, in no particular order:

1. My driver’s side lock is frozen. Again. This is inconvenient. I drive a Honda that tries to save you from your own stupidity, you can’t just easily lock the driver’s side door. You have to either hold the handle open and push down the lock, or use your key to lock the door. I typically (habitually) shut the door and lock it with the key. Now that the lock is frozen shut, it just adds complication. To unlock: I go out to the car, try the lock unsuccessfully (duh), walk around the car and unlock the passenger side, walk back around the car, climb into my seat. To lock: I get out of the car, slam the door, put the key in lock, realize it’s still frozen, open the door, hold open the handle, press down the lock, move on with my life. It’s not a big deal, but it is annoying.

2. I’m having a murder mystery dinner tonight with some of my friends, the younger crowd. It should be a blast. I am a reporter and found a ladies wool suit (skirt and jacket), the perfect costume, at the Saline Goodwill store yesterday for $1, I won’t wear it out of the houe 😉 Awesome. Also purchased, a bright green corduroy suit- disgusting and awesome at the same time. Perfect costume for something or to turn into a project.

3. Last night I was attempting to get things in order, made parts of dinner tonight so I can just throw them in the oven tonight, straightening the house- and suddenly had the urge to wash all the slipcovers in the living room (to basically de-cat the house now that the cat has been adopted)… washing all the slipcovers is a rather big project since all the furniture in there is slipcovered. Half of it is back together, but the couch slipcovers are still in the dryer… so I really just made tonight more complicated, not less so, oops. But I will know how clean the furniture is, so it’s worth it. I’m also a little self conscious that the cute quilted dog blankets are in the laundry, so my guests will see the yucky non-matching dog blankets in use. Not good planning at all.

4. I need to get a load of firewood sometime soon. I’m out and it’s definitely fire-in-the-fireplace season. And speaking of the fireplace, the stockings are now hanging- and Maggie definitely gets on the hearth and sniffs them daily – she remembers that at least one day a year those stockings hold something delicious for her. Suzie has no clue, she’d rather have her belly scratched (shocker, I know).

5. I’ve been trying to do Christmas stuff since October. I was determined not to put the family calendar together at the last minute like last year, to not have to shop anytime in December, to basically get Christmas stuff all done so I could just have a leisurely unstressed advent. I failed miserably. Most of my shopping is done (I didn’t have tons to do), but the projects are not even close, the calendar isn’t even started, the Christmas cards are not sent, and Christmas is two weeks away.

6. I think the cold makes me tired. Or maybe just being me makes me tired. I haven’t been able to get up for Mass most mornings this week. Ugh. Next week I am determined to do better.

7. One of my favorite fall / winter foods: Cranberry applesauce. Basically you buy a bag of whole cranberries, follow the instructions for whole cranberry sauce (usually 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar- although I use less sugar). Mix that with a jar of your homemade applesauce. Delicious! I like it better than cranberry sauce alone because you can only eat a small amount of that because it’s so strong. Cran-apple-sauce is less strong but no less delicious. I love it.

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