The Official End of Operation Kitten

I guess I haven’t said much about it here in awhile but for anyone who is dying of curiosity (or makes the mistake of reading my blog) here’s the story about Killian and my new friend.

I have a new friend. We’ll just call her Katie for the sake of anonymity. She’s very cool. Pretty quiet and laid back. It is still strange how we decided to become friends and then just suddenly were friends (I don’t know how introverts like us managed that). Anyway, I’m a big fan and definitely enjoying my new friend. Anyway, I mentioned to said new friend that I needed to find a home for my cat. She casually mentioned that she’s been considering getting a cat, but that her last experience of fostering 2 cats for a friend was not good- apparently these friends’ fostered cats ran her life and were way too high maintenance for easy-going Katie. Not wanting to push my cat off on a new friend, I played it cool and didn’t say much.
A few weeks later, Katie mentioned wanting a cat again. I mentioned Killian was up for grabs still. Katie considered it some more and asked if Killian is high maintenance. Uh oh. I get all panicky trying to answer that question. I mean, Killian isn’t high maintenance at my house, she’s bottom pet on the totem pole in fact, the other two high maintenance pets don’t allow her to be even medium maintenance. But what if I tell new friend she’s not high maintenance and then she takes her and she is high maintenance as an only pet?!? As you can imagine, these thoughts tortured me for days. I told Katie I didn’t find her to be high maintenance, but that I have 2 high maintenance dogs, so I might not actually know. Katie agreed to take her on a trial basis, sort of a test run.

Killian left with Katie a few days after Thanksgiving. I was both sad and happy to see her go. Happy she’s got a great new home and my home can be cat-allergy-free again. and sad because she was such a sweet little companion cat. At the same time, I’ve been a bit nervous… what if Killian drives Katie crazy? Would Katie really tell me? We haven’t been friends that long. What if she has accidents in the house? (though she never did for me, who knows in a new place) What if she is high maintenance and Katie hates me now for making her so? What if the BOC and I created a monster of a cat?? The what ifs have been killing me, mostly just because I don’t want to put my new friend in an awkward position or jeopardize said new friendship. Although I’ve gotten a few email updates on the cat transition and some funny pictures, I was still a bit nervous.

Today’s email from my new friend makes my day and calms my fears (I asked her if Killian is high maintenance):

Killian certainly craves attention and playtime, but overall I don’t think she’s high maintenance. We’re getting along swimmingly. She does run around meowing and chirping when I’m getting ready in the morning: “Wouldn’t you rather play with me? How ’bout now?” She runs past the bathroom door into the living room an rolls around on the rug near her feather or ribbon until I come out and move it.

This morning I was making a call for work from home, and I had the laptop on the dining room table to review a website. Killian jumped up on the table and rolled around right next to the computer, purring up a storm. Then we spent a solid 10 – 15 minutes scritching behind her ears n such. That was lovely.

She’s a keeper. I think you can consider her adopted.

(Pics of Killian from new friend’s webcam)

As for the transition at the Nichols homestead: Maggie still races downstairs to check for a litter box whenever the gate is open. Suzie still occasionally checks under the couch. Favorite Aunt still thinks it is quiet around without a talkative cat and a lot of dog-chase-cat chasing or cat-pounce-on-dog’s-face moments. All in all, I’m pretty pleased at how this has turned out thus far.
PS. I cannot believe you read all the way to the bottom of this, wow. Get a life already.

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