Visiting Christmas

The other night I went to visit Christmas. Christmas lives at my friend’s house beginning after Thanksgiving. It just so happens this particular friend’s hobby is Christmas, which makes for an amazingly decorated abode and lots of material for harassment πŸ™‚ and one more excuse to play with my camera and bore my readers…

Some highlights:

Friend: I can still see holes… (where there should be more ornaments)
Me: I can’t even see TREE!!
Friend: Well, those ornaments have the gold hooks.
Me: Um, you have different kinds of hooks??
Friend: Of course. There are the big silver hooks, the gold hooks which are my favorite, and the small hooks when you don’t want the ornament to dangle too far down. If the ornament is more silver themed, I use the silver hooks. and see these little ones, these ones need the little hooks…
(notice the friend’s bedroom closet is even decorated!!)
Friend: When I was a kid, sometimes I’d decorate my whole room for Christmas in the middle of July. Then a few days later, I’d take it all down again. My mom would get really mad sometimes.
Note: Today I did begin pulling out my own decorations and made room in the living room to get a tree. Somehow visiting Christmas did inspire me to begin my own humble decorating process, which is barely even like decorating compared to my Christmas fanatic friend, but I enjoy it nonetheless.
See Friend, I didn’t even use your name or gender, aren’t I so nice? Of course, any of my readers who know you can probably figure out who the Christmas fanatic is…

3 thoughts on “Visiting Christmas

  1. I’m glad you went to such lengths to conceal this friend’s identity…especially when his name is clearly visible in the last picture on the plaques on the wall… πŸ™‚And I’m also grateful that you didn’t include some of the more, erm, special comments about density and the like. πŸ˜›

  2. BS2- it is only clearly visit when you click to enlarge the photo… and no one does that, right? I noticed this after I posted and was too lazy to go back and correct it. Jodi- I’m sure christmas does miss the clapper, although it has been upgraded to remote control… oh the clapper, those were fun days!

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