The new camera

After much research and confusion and debating… I did it. I bought a new digital SLR camera, a huge step for me! But since my film camera got stolen and I was planning to use Christmas money to make the upgrade anyway, this just made it imperative. I bought the Nikon D80 and I do love it!! I got it on Black Friday, so i got a good deal ($100+ cheaper than usual) plus a free printer, free memory cards, and free digital camera classes at Ritz (which I’m pretty excited to take). Anyway, I’ve been playing with it and though I have A LOT to learn, I’m loving the quality, the camera, the subjects…

Here’s a few shots from my first day with the camera. These are my Love-buddies. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more from the camera as I have time to download and post…

2 thoughts on “The new camera

  1. That sounds like a ton of fun! And the rest of us will get to enjoy your great photos that much sooner with the digital. 🙂 The pictures look great,btw – of course, the models are adorable.

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