Dogs are gross

My plan for this morning (Saturday) was to spend a couple hours finishing up some yard clean up before heading in to hang out with a cute baby and make some pies. Now I am trying to put it off as long as possible…

The last couple days, Maggie has been up to something in the far corner of the yard. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed this a couple days in a row at night, and my one quick trip out there just proved it was too dark to see anything. Last night she brough part of it up close to the patio– it’s part of a dead animal. Yuck. Dogs are so gross. I really want to return to the last 5 years of no dead animals- and finish this year of a dead animal a month (or more some months). This particular dead animal is going to be worse than the other bunnies and squirrels because I know it is in pieces. *shiver* and as much as I hate to admit to being a wussy girl, dead animals in pieces really really really disgust me. Okay, I’m going out there…

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