Saline Thugs

I was robbed and I’m mad.

I’d gotten my car fixed Tuesday afternoon, and had grabbed one of my canvas bags with my bible, journal, a book or two, my camera, a coffee mug, etc. Tues evening my dad dropped me to get my car and naturally I had my purse and the canvas bag with important stuff in it. When I got home, I thought I carried both into the house with me. But the next morning, I didn’t see the canvas bag, so I figured I’d left it in the car. Sure enough, I went out to the car, and the middle console was open (like it had been rummaged through), my glasses case (from said console) was open on the front seat, and the canvas bag was nowhere to be found. I searched the house again to no avail. As I drove into work, I realized the passenger door was also open. Grrr. Keep in mind they didn’t want my cds or the discman with car kit- that is still there, but my bible is gone…

Yesterday I made a police report. I was considering filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, except that I have a $500 deductible… all the stuff that was stolen was definitely less than that, so there is no point.

The worst part was realizing my life insurance application was in there, all filled out and ready to mail. Not only does that mean I have to start over with a new 30-page application, but it also means the thugs have a lot of important information- soc security #, birthdate, address, etc. … ARGH. Luckily a month ago I signed up for identity theft insurance, so I this morning I filed a claim alerting them, put an alert on my credit report, and am praying no one tries to open a credit card or something in my name. Argh. I want to leave a note on my car or my garage door or somewhere for the stupid thugs. “Give it back meanie” but I figure it will puzzle my neighbors and they already think I’m strange enough…

Although I am mad about the whole thing, I do recognize it could be worse. I’m mad at myself that I forgot the bag in the car. I’m mad that I thought Saline was safe and I never lock my car (although I don’t usually leave my camera in it). I’m mad that they stole my camera, my bible, my journal. And for crying out loud, it was my favorite bag too! I’m definitely mad about that insurance application. Grrr. On a brighter note, my favorite travel mug had fallen out of the bag, so I still have that.

3 thoughts on “Saline Thugs

  1. No WAY! I’m so sorry! Our camera is gone!!! I can’t believe it!!!! What a violation. I cried for a full day when my camera had been stolen from the train in Paris. It is so, so, so sad. Can’t wait to see you if you have time next week!

  2. Oh no! That’s awful! Maybe… the person who did this won’t know how to read and will just ignore the application. But regardless- good call on the identity theft insurance. An inspired move.

  3. Last year when my friends here were robbed their Bibles were taken as well. Once we got over the initial anger of it all, we were like hey, maybe you should try reading it! The camera part really stinks- I know how important photos are to you! Idiots.

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