Today is one of those days I have a lot happening in my head… you may not want to read further…

-People are fascinating creatures. In my women’s group, we just finished reading and discussing the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. He talks about the ways that we give and receive love. I’ve read this book before and it has triggered many a fascinating discussion about how each of us gives and receives love in different ways. It was interesting to me how one’s family of origin seems to affect how we expect love and many of our love languages… that was kind of a surprise to me. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it. Fascinating stuff. It really calls me on to really think about the people I’m trying to love, and reminds me to work on speaking love to them in their own language, rather than my own. And in case you’re wondering, my primary love languages are Quality Time and Acts of Service. You?

-Now we are reading and discussing the four temperments. The Temperment God Gave You by Art & Laraine Bennet (I think). Also fascinating stuff, mostly a review for me, but a great topic to delve into and I learn something every single time I do πŸ™‚ I’m a Meloncholic Choleric, as far as I can tell. It is fascinating to read and study temperment, and to also realize we aren’t just stuck with a temperment, we have grace to help us lead a life of holiness, sometimes aided by our natural temperment, sometimes hindered by it. I am encouraged too, because it is amazing to look back over my life and see the growth– virtues I have worked really hard on beginning to become like second-nature, weaknesses I’ve worked to overcome by the grace of God. Not to say I’m done, I have a long way to go… and yet, it is good to be able to look back in my life and see the hand of God, the mercy of God throughout the years.

-Winter. Favorite Aunt does not like winter. She tries very hard not to complain all the time, and to find things to be thankful for in spite of winter, and yet, she really really does not like winter. Things I like about winter: sweaters and scarves, cozy evenings, hot chocolate, a warm bed, slippers, Christmas, baking… what do you like about winter??

-Perfectionism. I definitely struggle with perfectionism. I take on too many projects, too many hobbies, too many responsibilities, and then I feel like a failure because I can’t do them all 100% perfect. Lately I feel particularly overwhelmed by a lot of stuff I need to do at home and just can’t seem to find the time to do because I overcommit in every aspect of my life. It’s very humbling and quite frustrating for my inner perfectionist!

– Life Teen. This weekend is the Life teen retreat. It’s wierd to not be going, and yet a huge blessing at the same time. Although I miss the core team and the teens, the amount of peace I have with not being in LT, not being on Core team, not being overcommitted there as well is definitely a good sign that I am doing the right thing. Nonetheless, I’m praying for the team as they prep for retreat and all the teens as they go on retreat… and I’m reveling in the fact that I’ll be at home this weekend πŸ™‚

– Work. Ugh. So much to do, so little brain function.

2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Favorite things about winter – all the ones you mentioned. Plus…Snow Days; skiing; Christmas parties; hot showers; sweaters; magazine reading; all the holidays…crying children, oh no. That’s happening now.Gotta go.

  2. I LOVE the Love Languages book! And I love studying temperments, personalities, etc. So fun! I’m a words of encouragement girl myself, primarily. And in winter? I love, um…. I love, Argentina?

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