A Munchkins Weekend

I am quite pleased to report the weekend with the munchkins went well. Although for some reason I do feel guilty when a kid bursts into tears at the sight of their parents coming to take them home… I guess if that is any indication, we did all have a good time.

Overheard from the living room where the kids had the play mobil guys out in full force, the castle, dollhouse, stuffed animals, etc–
Ben: “Ellie, it’s okay, these are the good guys. See? they are wearing shoes. All the good guys wear shoes. The bad guys wear boots.”

Reen: Okay kiddo’s, what would you like for breakfast? We have oatmeal, pancakes, toast,…
Ellie: I like YOGIT!
…a few hours later… lunch…
Reen: What would you like for lunch, peanut butter sandwich, grilled cheese, yogert…
Ellie: Yayayay! I like YOGIT!
…a few hours later, snack after nap…
Reen: How about some animal crackers and an apple?
Ellie, grinning excitedly: I like Yoooo git!
by dinner Aunt Reenie realized she shouldn’t offer choices since Ellie had probably already had twice her daily quota of yogert– and although Ellie was hoping for “yo-git” she settled for the lasanga and garlic bread and applesauce, since there was no yogert in sight.

I had two rosaries in my purse and I let Ellie hold them and play with them during Mass on Sunday. She would run her fingers through them, loop them on her arm, hide them under her skirt, and other respectful things. When Mass was over, I couldn’t find the nicer of the two rosaries, a long one with beautiful beads. I looked in the diaper bag, my purse, Ellie’s backpack, coat pockets, the floor, everywhere and couldn’t find the rosary. Finally I just decided to check lost and found later in the week and the kids and I left. When we got home and made our group potty stop, I pulled off Ellie’s boots and there was the missing rosary, stuffed in her boot that whole time 🙂

In addition to all the taking-care-of-kids stuff, I accomplished a few things:
– folded laundry
– washed the kitchen floor (hands and knees style for a really thorough clean– FINALLY)
– made several lasangas for the freezer
– made spinach dip for the freezer for some upcoming events
– cooked 3 pie pumkins (still need to puree the insides and freeze)
– started organizing some sewing stuff, but didn’t get very far on the rest of the downstairs closet

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