A change in the weather…

One thing I’ve learned as a homeowner is that no project is as simple as you think. Sigh. Last weekend I went to paint the window boards (on the outside) under my front bay window to find 1 of them rotted through and the other two not in great shape. Awesome. So I removed them, bought a replacement board, begged my brother to use his router to make them fit, and tried to reinstall them… but the notch wasn’t deep enough, so the next day I went back and Brendan cut the notch deeper. By then it was Sunday night. Tuesday night I installed the boards, in the dark, planning to paint and caulk them this weekend (since it is dark by the time I get home from work, and painting in the dark isn’t my forte). Bad move Reen. The weekend forecast involves snow, rain, and cold. None of which really works for painting. Ugh. I’m revising the plan to go home at lunch today (if it stops raining) and at least prime the boards. Like I said, no project is every as simple as you think…

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