“I voted for Barak Obama because I’m pro-choice and I think if you have someone in your life you don’t want in your life, you should just be able to kill them.” Caller on the Dave Ramsey show

Cora and I both did a double take sitting in our office listening to the show. “WHAT???” Thankfully, the caller’s sarcasm became clearer and clearer as the call went on. Nonetheless, I wish Obama had been honest and stated his position on life as clearly.

I’m not feeling overly positive about the outcome of this election right now, but I’m avoiding the commentary for now since it will all be premature. May God’s will be done. I am confident of this, no matter who wins the election and how it all goes down, the world will not come to an end. We are still called to be the Light in the darkness, no matter who the president is, and we are continually called to a life of holiness and evangelization. And, frankly, I’m very thankful we’re about done with all the campaigning!!!

Now, on to excessive amounts of Christmas music, which I heard playing over the speakers in Target on November 2nd!!! What is this world coming to? Can we vote on how soon is too soon for Christmas music???

One thought on “WHAT???

  1. the other day i was sitting at dinner and i realized that it was november 2 and that meant that WNIC had started playing Christmas music already. it did not make me homesick.

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