Happy Anniversary

Today is the 6-year anniversary of buying my house!!

The Nichols Homestead has been such a huge responsibility, a blessing, a joy, a pain in the tush, an ongoing project, a party house, animal house, crazy house, halfway house…

The Nichols Homestead has taught me a lot… about life, about plumbing, about being broke, about housemates, about fixing and taking apart things, about perseverance, about loneliness, about trusting God, about myself…

It’s interesting to look back and think about where I was at 6 years ago when I bought the house, and see how much I’ve grown and changed though that time. It’s amazing to think where my friends and family were at then, and how much they’ve changed and procreated since that time 🙂 Wow.
Anyway, that’s my happy thought of the day!

One thought on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Oh wow! Congratulations on your home-anniversary. I loved that post – it sounded like it was right out of the lips of good ol’ Jeanne Marie. Remind me to tell you about the weird dream I had about you and Cora last night.

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