One of those weeks…

My goddaughter Maria (age 2) is very into happy faces and sad faces. She loves them and wants them drawn on her hands, draws them herself, wants you to draw them, and best of all, she will demonstrate them on her expressive little face. So today I’m going to blog in terms of happy faces and sad faces, list style:

-I broke my glasses on Saturday
-I lost my cell phone plug in charger a week ago, maybe I dropped it out of an open bag between the women’s retreat and home? I don’t know, but I can’t find it anywhere.
-I broke my car cell phone charger—so my phone died completely which seriously complicates things
-had the beginnings of a cold over the weekend
-my car is making exhaust sounds– probably has a hole in the exhaust pipe
-other than a quick clean to prepare for my guest and the applesaucing, it was an entirely unproductive weekend
-most of the sweaters I pulled out of storage are old and shrunken into funny shapes or shorter than I’d like… true that most of them have been around awhile, but I’d forgotten how bad some of them are.
-it feels like winter is really coming… I can’t handle that…

-i am behind on everything!!!

-hanging out and crafting with theJuneBride- my crafting hero- for awhile on Friday night, I rarely get to hang out with her, so it was fun to chat and obsess with someone who has more projects going than I do 🙂
-Seeing and catching up with a good friend who stayed with me Friday night to Saturday, including a trek to a new apple orchard
-Maria’s birthday party on Saturday night, she is quite a ham and did a lot of tricks for her adoring fans… hilarious!
-Applesauce making, round 2, with Jen, Cora, Collin & Beth (and at the end Brendan, Geno, and Lucy)
-dinner and game night with friends
-I got my teeth cleaned after a long absence (and having to find a new dentist who takes my insurance)
-I was asked to be the godmother for a good friend’s son J yay!!
-Dinner with Kathleen, Ben and Ellie- those kids are just delightful and it was great to hang out with them! I never see enough of them. And once they were in bed, it was nice to catch up with my sis too.
-the actual cold never really materialized, thank God!
-I’m very excited to go visit the newly arrived Monica, and now that my phone is charged again, I can call to make arrangements

-beautiful fall colors

-all things politics
-cold weather

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