Turning on the heat

It is definitely fall here in Michigan. It’s that time of the year where one day you have all the windows open because it’s sunny and gorgeous, and the next day you need to turn on the heat. Being the cheapskate that I am, I try to hold off on turning on the heat (or AC) as long as possible. And on Monday, I think we hit the threshhold and the heat will now be on at the Nichols homestead.

Sunday night I went to bed around 10.30, wearing sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt… then, after laying in bed under the covers shivering, I put on my big sweatshirt. I read for awhile and finally turned on the heating pad to warm my ice block feet up. What I did not consider as I lay there trying to sleep in the cold, is how awful waking up in the cold is, and even worse, jumping out of the shower into the cold. Brrr. Monday morning was a very cold morning!! After my shower when I made it downstairs, the thermostat said it was 52 degrees. No wonder I was so cold!! Being the nice roommate that I am, I did turn the heat on right then and there so my housemate didn’t have to have the same frigid awakening.

I went to Mass and then into work… and found the same situation. The heat wasn’t on, so the office was about 56 degrees when I arrived shortly before 8 am. I turned the heat on but boy it took a long time to really warm up.

So… the heat is on… next up? Coats… though I’m not ready to go there just yet.

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