Left behind

I have a knack for finding roommates and then marrying them off. Which also means I have a knack for inheriting whatever gets left behind when they go off to start their new life, armed with beautiful new stuff for their homes. Not that I’m complaining, heck probably 1/4 of my kitchen stuff comes from Michele’s dead grandma… without her I wouldn’t have silverware, an old picture of Jesus, and numerous other things I use on a daily basis. Another former roommate left behind a great cutting board I use constantly. I inherited houseplants from a few different housemates. The basement dog pillow is stuffed with another housemate’s old comforter. Recently a former housemate came over and recognized a zebra striped pillow that for the past few years I’ve wondered where it came from. Apparently she left it when she got married and moved out of state. Mystery solved.

Here’s the most recent treasure left behind at the Nichols homestead when it’s owner got married and got new stuff:

I told Donal they could only use my washer and dryer if they took him home. And yet, after doing laundry, somehow he got left behind, again…

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