Count your blessings

It always amazes me how much my sanity is affected by whether or not I get to Mass during the week. The last two weeks I’ve been back on track and making it pretty consistently to morning Mass… I’m pretty hooked. Someone asked me awhile ago, “I thought Catholics only had to go on Sundays?” Me: “Yes… but I like to go more often.” That’s not entirely true, I clearly need to go more often. I’m so thankful to be Catholic and blessed to be in an area where daily Masses are readily available.

So, of my numerous lofty September goals, I’ve managed to incorporate and be faithful about:
-Mass (at least 5 days a week)
-Breakfast (thank God for yogurt smoothies)
-I swear there is at least one and maybe two more, but now I can’t remember.

I won’t get into the ones I can’t seem to get done yet… but hey, Sept isn’t over yet, it could still happen…

…and now I’m off to an evening of yard work and house work, and maybe a crafty project, if the yard and house work get done fast enough… we shall see.

3 thoughts on “Count your blessings

  1. What’s BAF, do I need that too? I am a solid breakfast girl nowadays thanks to the influence of Josh, but I wish my closest church had mass earlier than 8 AM. I’ve been at work for an hour by then, so I just go Fridays right now…

  2. Everyone needs BAF jo. It stands for “Be A Friend” … for me its more the conscious effort to stay in tcouch with friends and do random acts of friendship / kindness (and its kind of pathetic that i have include it in my goals).As for Mass, maybe you and I are covering for each other. Friday is the day i don’t make it very often 😀 So I’ll pray for you the other days and you pray for me Friday 😉

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